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Here’s some more questions we’ve written up answers for. But if that’s no help or you’re not in the mood to read, then drop us a message on the Live chat! 🤩

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Beautiful Woman

Generals Questions

WYI is a social media platform that allows users to get paid for the content they create, rather than waiting on brand sponsorships and the uncertainty of Ad sense. Users bring their current fan base across from the likes of Instagram, YouTube, twitter and any other old school social media. WYI is a platform that gives you more control, the ability to earn more and allows you to “Be your own Boss!. See the video on the home page for a more visual explanation.

Change the game! That is one of our many mottos. Here at WYI we have seen how the competitors operate and feel that you deserve so much more. WYI is built around trust, communication, support and service. We will never stop improving and value human connection.This is why we have 24/7 support in the coming weeks. For the first 6 weeks from launch, the hours are restricted to 9AM to 5PM GMT.

There’re a few reasons for this. But mainly you will earn MORE! Our fees are transparent being *15% and we also pay in GBP!! That is important because if you are UK based, your statement is exactly what you will earn. If you are US or EU based, then you earn more than your statement (If you choose to be paid in GBP) Based on your banks’ currency conversion rates on the day of process. Supporting a British Brand Pays!! (12% for the first 12 months ONLY)

Simply put having a verified e-mail means that you will receive important system notifications and other updates about your account. Email verification checks whether your address was entered correctly and ensures that you will be able to recover account access in case you forget your password.

It takes time to build a large platform such as this. And so, in the interest of giving you another choice and the ability to earn more. We have gone live with a few features still to be added. Keep watch on the what’s new page for the latest updates.

We must stress here that we are not affiliated with linktree. However, have chosen to use this platform as our link on social media channels. We know that based on the competitors’ failures that other social media outlets such as Instagram don’t like new providers and can block your account without warning. So, we suggest using a similar provider to mitigate this.

Intercom is our chat function for the platform. We know that human connection is really important and it’s so frustrating when you have an issue and can’t talk to someone. So, we are starting as we mean to go on and ensuring quality communication at all times.

Absolutely! We value security and transparency above all. As a registered business in the UK, our Director has legal obligations to fill ensuring that the site and your data is secure at all times. We are registered with the ICO (International commissioner’s office) and all company information can be found in our terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us @ [email protected]

The short answer here is NO! However, if you are found to be in breach of our terms and conditions then we have every right to do so. We will not just do this though; we will block your account pending investigation. Keep you informed at every step and ensure that you have an exact reason why if you are banned. Unlike other platforms we will communicate clearly and depending on the breech of terms, you will be paid all monies up to the point of the breech.

It’s 2022, of course we will! This is on the current business roadmap and believe us when we say, it’s going to be amazing. The project is expected to last 6 months once started so expect to see an app towards the end of 2022!


Simple! You have access to that users exclusive and bespoke content. You’re also able to have personal conversations by communicating directly via the inbuilt messages function. We are also adding more and more features as soon as is possible. We listen to feedback and then implement that. Your satisfaction and experience are what truly matters to us.

All bank card charges are in GBP currency. We use a secure and encrypted third-party payment processor to complete transactions.

You can add funds to your wallet and then you can subscribe to any user, unlock paid messages or send tips. The site uses wallet balance only at this time. This ensures your purchases to experience all it's benefits are instant and always successful.

A search bar appears on top of your Home page. Just type the name and all the profiles with that name will appear.

Make sure your account has a valid bank card and balance in your wallet. Click the 'Follow' button on any profile you wish to subscribe to. This will then unlock the content in that profile both past and future.

Your card statement will show that the payment was made to Visionaire Limited.

All purchases made at are final and non-refundable. However, you may unsubscribe for any reason and at any time to ensure that you will not be billed for that subscription again.

You can delete your account at any time via your profile. You can also message us via the chat function, and we can do this for you. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Any active subscriptions will be lost and will never automatically renew. Once deleted, your account will not be able to be restored and you will have to create a new one.


Only those who are paying for your exclusive content. Your profile is locked and hidden until a subscriber pays your set price. You also have the option of providing a free account and posting only paid posts.

Easy!! You just need to use your social media and get your admirers following you. You can link your profile on Twitter or use other forms of social media.

Feel free, however it will only make it harder to promote as subscribers may get confused. However, if you have different content for different audience bases then it makes sense to have more than one profile. You might be a DJ/PT/Model so all of that content might be different and appeal to various audiences.

You can only mention your active subscribers in posts and comments.

Click on the Message button on your subscriber's page. You will see the New Message pop-up window and your current Messages. There are 3 buttons on the left side of the message field to upload media and to set a price or earn tips from. Your subscribers will be charged automatically upon confirming that they are willing to pay and view content in your message.

You can click the three-dot button at the bottom right side of your post to see all available actions. However, if you message our support team, we can delete posts for you.

Users of the site will be able to see only the following before subscribing: your public profile, @username, profile picture and cover picture.


At this stage you just need to add bank details into the ‘Add Bank section’ after your account has been approved. Make sure you triple check the information in order to be paid correctly and on time.

Verification requires an up-to-date government issued photo ID document (preferably passport). All the information must be clearly visible for verification. The ID photo may not be edited or resized and it must display the document in full size with minimum background. The photo of you with your ID must clearly show your face and the ID document.

All withdrawal requests and bank payouts are processed weekly without fail! Or as requested.

If there are any chargebacks, this money will be refunded to the subscriber and any associated fees deducted from your pending balance.

Please wait up to 10 business days from the day you have requested a payout. If your bank details are correct and you still have not received your funds after 10 days, please contact us. Please note: currency conversion or other bank fees may be applied.

The minimum amount you can charge for your subscription is £4.99 per month. The maximum amount you can charge for your subscription is £49.99. The minimum amount you can charge for paid private messages or tips is £3.00.

The Pending Balance is the amount that you have earned during last 6 days. Your earnings become available for withdrawal from the Current Balance on a 7-day rolling basis.

Content providers receive 85% commission on their earnings including subscriptions, paid messages and tips. The remaining 15% covers payment processing, hosting, support, future developments, team salaries and all other services. IMPORTANT – The creators are responsible for paying their own taxes in their own country. WHOYOUINTO is not responsible for this.